BOSCH SGZ9091UC Dishwasher Salt/ Water softener 00469559

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BOSCH SGZ9091UC Dishwasher Salt/ Water softener 00469559 

Salt 4.4 lb 00469559

Finish Dishwasher Salt, Water Softener,2KG

  • For Models: Sapphire series
  • Only to be used in dishwashers that have a water softener container
  • Softens the water used in the dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning
  • Reduces hard water residue in the dishwasher. This results in cleaner 
    dishes and dishwasher.
  • If you see a white residue in your dishwasher, use a dishwasher cleaner 
    to clean the dishwasher and then use this salt to soften the water used 
    in your dishwasher. This will help reduce hard water build up.
  • This product also has a model number of SGZ9091UC

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